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Lobe Pumps

Lobe pumps are similar to external gear pumps in operation in that fluid flows around the interior of the casing. Unlike external gear pumps, however, the lobes do not make contact. Lobe contact is prevented by external timing gears located in the gearbox. Pump shaft support bearings are located in the gearbox, and since the bearings are out of the pumped liquid, pressure is limited by bearing location and shaft deflection.

1. As the lobes come out of mesh, they create expanding volume on the inlet side of the pump. Liquid flows into the cavity and is trapped by the lobes as they rotate.

2. Liquid travels around the interior of the casing in the pockets between the lobes and the casing—it does not pass between the lobes.

3. Finally, the meshing of the lobes forces liquid through the outlet port under pressure.


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