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Compressor World

The bottom line to the Compressor World business model is straightforward – providing a virtual supermarket for businesses utilizing air compressor products.  Whether auto repair shops, manufacturing plants, hospitals, laboratories or selling to the plumbing and/or engineering/plumbing companies/contractors… if someone needs air compressors, related parts and now service, we’re here to meet those needs.

And we take customer service to the next level with our strong online presence, which allows clients to peruse the Compressor World inventory from the comfort and convenience of their office or home.

Compressor World franchisees will reap the benefits of the successful dozen years that the business has been in operation as Compressor World principals have already negotiated significant volume discounts from various companies on new products and parts.  In addition, Compressor World offers its own branded products that franchisees can sell.

Royalties from the Compressor World franchise opportunity are set at a determined fixed dollar amount so that there are no variable amounts due. Compressor World franchisees also have the option to purchase multiple territories. 

Providing sales and service to the countless number of businesses that employ the use of air compressors and related equipment– that’s what a Compressor World franchise is all about.  Now that you’ve learned a bit more about this exciting and rewarding opportunity, this may be the time for you to prepare for your future as a Compressor World franchisee.