• 24-PUWO0017
  • By Flux Pumps
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  • F570 VISCOPOWER Pump:
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 47in immersion length
    • 12.41 GPM at 900 RPM
    • R52 rotor
    • PTFE stator
    • FDA certified FKMc mechanical seal
  • F416-2 Ex Container Pump Air Motor:
    • 470 watt power at 86psi operating pressure
    • 86psi max operating pressure
    • 17 CFM max air consumption
    • Adjustable tip valve and ball valve included
    • ATEX Ex II G IIC T6


The Flux Pumps VISCOPOWER F570 progressive cavity pump features a planetary gearbox that is suitable to pump thin to high-viscosity liquids. This positive displacement pump works smoothly at a constant pressure and ensures a gentle, pulsation-free pumping. The pumps are portable for mobile use and can also be used in fixed installations. With only a few components used for assembly, the pump can be easily dismantled, cleaned, and serviced.

The Flux Pumps F416-2 is an Ex container pump air motor. It is lightweight and user friendly, while capable of operating at varying speeds by adjustment of the input air operating pressure and volume. This is done by the use of the included ball valve. The F416-2 model specifically comes without trigger and with the ball valve. The F416-2 contains external ventilation and meets the standards for ATEX Ex II G IIC T6.