• 24-PUWO0018
  • By Flux Pumps
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  • F570 VISCOPOWER Pump:
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 47in immersion length
    • 12.41 GPM at 900 RPM
    • R52 rotor
    • PTFE stator
    • FDA certified FKMc mechanical seal
  • F457 Electric Motor:
    • Polypropylene housing
    • 800 watt output
    • 9000 RPM nominal speed
    • 120 volt, 60Hz
    • 16ft cable included
    • CEE 7/17 plug
    • IP24 protection class rated


The Flux Pumps VISCOPOWER F570 progressive cavity pump features a planetary gearbox that is suitable to pump thin to high-viscosity liquids. This positive displacement pump works smoothly at a constant pressure and ensures a gentle, pulsation-free pumping. The pumps are portable for mobile use and can also be used in fixed installations. With only a few components used for assembly, the pump can be easily dismantled, cleaned, and serviced.

The Flux Pumps F457 is a container pump electric motor that produces with an 800 watt capacity. The compact design has an optimal cooling path with low noise output. An integrated no-volt release that prevents an accidental start-up after a power loss guarantees user safety. Additionally, this container pump motor contains internal ventilation and an enclosure protecting rating of IP24.