• F424PP Pump:
    • Spiral shaped guide bearing with large guide length
    • Viscosity: <1 to 1200cPs
    • Maximum delivery head: 98ft
    • Maximum temperature: 212°F (100°C)
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Low-vibration
    • No seal in liquid zone
  • FEM4070 Electric Motor:
    • IP24 protection rating for enclosure
    • Low voltage protection
    • Housing material: Polyamide
    • Operating temperature range: -4 to 104°F
    • Capacity 500W
    • Voltage: 120V
    • Frequency: 60Hz
    • Internal ventilation


The Flux Pumps F424 is a series of sealless pumps ideal for transferring various low-viscosity and aggressive media. It is suitable for free-flowing liquids that are clean and non-abrasive, and best paired for use with drums, totes, IBCs, etc. The sealless pump design means there is no seal wear. The spiral shaped guide bearing in the inner tube helps prevent a build-up of media in the pump and can aid in increasing the pump's service life. The F424 series can be temporarily operated against a closed valve, up to the indicated maximum operating temperature.

The Flux Pumps FEM4070 is a compact power electric motor that comes with variable speed adjustment as standard, allowing the user to get the performance they need. The motor has an ergonomic design with an ease-of-use focus: there is a start/stop switch and speed adjustment knobs at the user's fingertips. It offers overload protection in all speed ranges and a low noise level output. Additionally, it is low weight, allowing for safe, one-handed operation.