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  • 2in discharge size
  • 1/2 to 1 HP
  • 115/220V
  • PPO Resin impeller
  • Option for automatic operation with float switch


The Tsurumi Pump UT Series Submersible Sewage Pump includes a semi-vortex impeller and is designed for a wide range of applications. The pump includes a large diameter passage that makes it ideal for liquids containing various solids. An automatic operation option is available, which is equipped with floats.

An anti-wicking cable entrance provides maximum protection against water incursion through the cable entry. A built-in thermal motor protection device reacts to the heat caused by overcurrent or run-dry conditions by automatically shutting down the motor circuit. When the motor cools down to a safe operating temperature, the motor restarts.

The dual inside mechanical seal (dual face located in an oil bath) is incorporated in all pumps. As both top and bottom sealing faces are lubricated by the oil, it ensures a longer life of the product and a stable sealing effect.

Tsurumi's exclusive Oil Lifer encloses the mechanical seal and uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating shaft and seal to pump oil to the upper seal faces. Upper and lower seal faces are positively lubricated even when extremely low oil levels exist, as experienced after long periods of extended operation. 

The automatic operation with float switch option prevents dry running and lower power consumption. 


  • Transferring wastewater between storage tanks
  • Draining sewage from factories, home residences, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Pumping water run-off containing solids