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  • 40 to 94 gph (151 to 355 L/h) capacity
  • 150 to 175 psi max. discharge pressure
  • 316SS or PVC materials of construction
  • 2in (51mm) piston diameter
  • 72 to 176 SPM at 60Hz
  • 1/3hp-1ph-115VAC-60c-TEFC standard motor


The Neptune 560 Series Chemical Metering Pump is designed for higher capacities and is available in simplex or duplex design. The simplex design configuration includes a single micrometer dial with one liquid head, while the duplex design includes two micrometer dials and two liquid heads.

The 560 Series pump's ten-turn micrometer dial is calibrated in 1% increments, with a bright color-contrasted dial protected from corrosion by a clear PVC covering. The stroke mechanism moves only when an adjustment is made, eliminating wear. The piston is powered through complete stroke length at all capacity adjustments, eliminating the stress, wear, and shock of lost motion designs. 

The standard, integrally-mounted motors are totally enclosed, fan-cooled, and include built-in automatic thermal overload. An internal relief valve automatically protects the piping and system from overpressure. The EZE-CleanTM valve system (for 316SS models only) allows the valve to be removed for cleaning without disturbing the piping to the pump. 


This product can be used in the following applications: