• 24-PUWO0010
  • By Flux Pumps
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  • F570 39-inch Pump Tube:
    • 21.9 GPM max flow rate
    • 217 PSIG max delivery pressure
    • 1 to 80,000 cPs viscosity
    • 53mm outer tube diameter
    • R52 rotor/stator geometry
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Temperatures to 248°F
  • F457 800 Watt Electric Motor:
    • Polypropylene housing
    • 9000 RPM nominal speed
    • -4 to 104°F operating temperature
    • 120 volt, 60Hz
    • 16ft cable included
  • 9ft length, 60mm OD PVC hose with steel helix core


The Flux Pumps VISCOPOWER F570 47-inch progressive cavity pump works on the principle of positive displacement pumping technology. Progressive cavity pumps are distinguished by constant, low pulsation pumping. Depending on the medium and application, flow rates of up to 21.9 GPM and discharge pressures of up to 217 PSIG are achieved. The F457 Electric Motor is a communicator motor that provides up to 800 watts of output. This kit also includes 9ft of PVC hose with steel helix core rated for 43.5psi max operating pressure.

The medium to be pumped is first fed into a pumping chamber from where it is then displaced upwards. More specifically, it works using a rotating shaft in the pump tube of the progressive cavity pump. This shaft with a rotor at its lower end rotates against a fixed stator. The worm-shaped geometry of the rotor and stator produces cavities in which the medium is then pumped from the suction side at the lower end of the tube upwards to the discharge port.