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  • 0.75 to 1.5 HP
  • 1.75 or 2in discharge hose connection
  • 1 or 1.25in FNPT discharge
  • 3,450 RPM
  • 145°F continuous liquid temperature
  • 115 or 230V, 1 phase
  • 50 to 60ft shut off
  • Brass & stainless steel construction
  • 12ft cord length


The Power-Flo Technologies PFU Decorative Water Pump is designed for use in decorative water displays, such as fountains. The pump features a brass volute, intermediate, and housing end piece; and a 304 stainless steel housing tube, screen, and pump supports. The impeller is brass, six vane, and open style. The shaft is 416 stainless steel. The motor uses Class H insulation in a NEMA B design. It is oil-filled and uses squirrel cage induction with a permanent split capacitor (PSC), and includes overload protection in the motor. 

The VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) motor enhancement system was developed to greatly extend the winding life expectancy of an electric motor. The motor stator is loaded into a pressure vessel and immersed in the specialty selected varnish. All gas pockets located within the stator are evacuated under vacuum. The varnish is drawn in to the stator core, completely occupying all voids in the winding. Following a series of processes, ending in a controlled bake, the winding is 100% impregnated and sealed. VPI is greatly superior to the "dip and bake" method, which may provide only 50 to 70% of effective insulation leaving voids and air pockets. VPI provides 100% solid mass structure, which provides the greatest mechanical strength and a cooler running motor due to superior heat dissipation.

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