• 10-30101003
  • By Flux Pumps
  • Usually ships in 4 to 6 weeks



  • Cordless motor
  • Run time of up to 120 mins
  • Rechargeable within 30 mins
  • Lithium ion replaceable battery - does not come with charger
  • Internal ventilation
  • 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • 100W capacity
  • IP44 rating for enclosure
  • Anti-lock system
  • Operational temperature range: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)


The Flux Pumps FBM-B 3100 is a battery motor protected against medium steam by a double-walled construction. Variable speed operation allows the user to control the pump flow rate. A 55 gallon drum can be emptied in 3 mins operating at full speed. At low speeds, up to ten 55 gallon drums can be emptied with one battery charge. Speed is controlled by micro-processor. One motor can be used for multiple pump tubes. 

The battery motor also comes with electronic temperature control and contains an anti-lock system. The battery is protected by an automatic switch-off when the battery is empty. It is a cordless motor which allows for usage everywhere, even when a power source is not nearby. Additionally, the motor is equipped with a soft start option.